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Learn herb uses for medicinal and edible plants found growing wild all around us.

Herb Farming Links

Advances in Goldenseal Production

Agricomm’s Agricultural and Farming Page
Weather, Events, Employment, Equipment, Herb farming, Seeking Info, Ag Links, etc.

Bootstraps  Informative Books about Making Money in the Herb Business

Also see Weeds and Seeds Herb Farming Site  for more links and articles on Herb Production.

Commercial Herb Farming and Production Links

The Echinacea Farm

Herb Growing with pictures

Herbs and Herb Gardening:An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide

Horticulture Information Leaflets

Commercial Specialty Crops

How to Manage Pests

National Pesticides Telecommunications Network A website sponsored jointly by Oregon State U. and EPA. There’s info on various pesticide chemicals, research, and links to many detailed websites.

Practice herbology ethically and avoid the practice of medicine

Sources of Information on Herb Production and Marketing

Southern Oregon: This region’s a hothouse for helpful herbsAlso see  Herb Farming Site  for more links and articles on Herb Production.

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